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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 19, 2010 12:05am-1:05am EST

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three-month silence. and the world will be watching. it is the most anticipated press conference of his career. what will tiger say, and when will he return to the game he so dominated? those are the questions tonight as tiger woods prepares to speak for the first time since the collision on thanksgiving weekend ripped open his private life, reveefling a string of mistresses and forcing the world's greatest golfer to leave the sport. in what seemed to be a second carefully choreographed appearance, yesterday jogging, today, smiling during a practice round, pga commissioner tim finchum confirmed to my colleague john berman that tiger did, in fact, enter a rehabilitation facility after the scandal erupted and is now ready to speak. >> well, he got out of rehab last week and he spent some time with his family and he has some time for this tomorrow. >> reporter: it's unclear, of course, whether his wife elin
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the mother of their two young children, will attend her husband's statement or even remain within the marriage. woods is also expected to discuss his future, as the world's best golfer. as he takes what may just be the most important shot of his life. and the associated press late tonight citing a letter by the pga commissioner is reporting that woods will return to therapy, not the golf course, after his statement, which you can see live here at 11:00 a.m. on abc, and we'll have a full report on tomorrow night's broadcast. but that's our report for tonight. good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. tonight, my guests are freddie prinze jr., race car driver danica patrick, and we'll hear music from robin thicke. what? oh! some doctors were in here doing experiments on me, and it looks like my dream of becoming the
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- freddie prinze jr. danica patrick. and music from robin thicke. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" and now, what could be better than this? here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, welcome to the show. you're very nice. i want you to know, you are my reason for getting out of bed every afternoon. [ applause ] i tell you what, though, i may get up extra early tomorrow. tiger woods' first post-suv crash/possible golf club in the face from his wife press conference is scheduled for tomorrow morning in florida. i have not been this excited since princess di's wedding. it is -- his representatives say tiger will speak in front of a small group of colleagues, reporters and girlfriends and he will not take questions. he'll just make a statement. i like to see him take questions and not from oprah. i want to see him take
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questions -- i would like to see tiger woods take questions from his wife on television. that -- wouldn't that be a good show? [ applause ] the -- the first pictures of tiger since the incident have been released. they got a shot of him running last night in orlando what was he running from? from elin? was he running from a recalled toyota? or maybe he was running from the boulder in indiana jones. i wonder what he'll say tomorrow. i want to apologize to my fans for having sex with them? will his wife will there? it's been covered like an presidential address. abc, cbs and nbc is going to carry it live. cnn, hln, msnbc, cnbc, fox news, fox business and espn will have it. espn will carry it on espn, espn2, espn news, espn classic, espn radio, and
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deportes, where tiger is known as el tigre. and from the looks of this promo, it's going to be quite a show. >> on friday, one man finally breaks his silence. live from dirty dave's gentlemen's club in ft. lauderdale, florida, it's the tiger woods apoligilooza. featuring paris hilton, the kardashian sisters. heidi fleiss. cocktail waitresses, cocktail waitresses, cocktail waitresses. and tiger woods. the tiger woods apoligilooza. be there. >> jimmy: that will be fun. at least he's having fun with it. that's the important thing. very -- a very -- an exciting "american idol" last night. according to ryan seacrest this was --
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>> it is the most emotional show we've ever brought you. >> jimmy: the most emotional show they've ever brought us. amazing. every year they manage to bring us the most emotional show they've ever brought us and they did it again. the contestants are crying a lot. they narrows it down to 24 contestants. and, you know what they ought to do, especially because both shows are on fox. put the 24 on "24" and instead of voting them off, have jack bauer kill them one by one from least popular to most popular. i'm going to save you a lot of time. rather than sit through 58 weeks of "american idol," here is how it's going to work out. nope. nope. maybe. nope. economy si. no. no way. nah. no thanks. doubt it. adios. good-bye. possibly. never. no way. sorry. going home.
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good luck. no chance. who is this person? never. no. forget it. and winner. that's the winner right there. she's going to win. i just saved you, like, 30 hours of your life, so, you're welcome. how is it that the olympics can hand out 250 medals in 2 1/2 weeks. it takes "american idol" to pick one karaoke singer. last night, nbc finally broke "american idol"'s 222-episode win streak. they beat it by more than 10 million viewers. lots of people tuned in to see lindsey vonn win the gold medal. she's the first american woman to win the downhill. she had an injured shin, the whole thing. unfortunately, because nbc paid for the olympics, we're not allowed, legally, to show you linds lindsey's run. this is history, and i'm not going to let lawyers prevent us
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from sharing this triumph together. let them sue us if they want. i don't care. for those of you who did not see it last night, here is lindsey vonn. i think this belongs to all of us, on her way to an olympic gold medal. [ applause ] isn't that -- absolutely breathtaking. congratulations to lindsey and the birds everywhere. tonight was the final night of men's figure skating. i know, i was upset, too. this kid johnny weir, he may not be the best, but he's the most interesting guy to watch. the outfits he wears are -- it looks like -- he often times looks like a unicorn vomited cotton candy on him. we're not allowed to show video of him at the olympics, but we hired an expert to recap everything for us, so here now to fill us in, our man in vancouver, yehya. yehya?
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>> hi. it is here tonight, men figure skating and johnny weir and that's our guy, i forget his name. actually, all of him, like, dance in the ski, in the snow, and the guidance very good and he win long time, 1984. and johnny weir, he's number six now. he look like his name man, but i don't know, he's man, woman, i don't know. good luck for him. >> jimmy: good luck. [ applause ] shaun white won gold in the men's snowboard halfpipe. and then i'm guessing celebrated with a full pipe afterwards. shaun white is a very fun guy to watch. he unveiled a new move, it's called the double mctwist 1260.
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he named it after a 30-ounce t-bone steak he ordered at a restaurant in aspen. the pipe thing again. the double mctwist 1260 is two flips and 3 1/2 spins all at the same time. very complicated. and you can't really do it justice so we got our parking lot security guard guillermo to try it today. and here it is -- no snow, mind you, but you'll get the idea. the double mctwist 1260, mexican style. >> hi, i'm guillermo and i'm going to try the, what the white guy did, the crazy thing. wish me luck. >> jump already!
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>> wow, this is hard to get -- >> i need help! >> jimmy: well, there you go. they call him the flying jalapeno. that, by the way, guillermo told us before the show he's exhausted because he fell over sideways into -- >> five times. >> jimmy: into a chuck-e-cheese box or something. all right, president obama in washington today meld with the dalai lama, despite strong objections from the chinese government. china concerns the dalai lama a threat to their sovereignty and warned that if obama met with him, it would damage chinese-u.s. relations. they even threatened to stop sending us poisonous toys, so that's -- [ applause ] the president -- thank you. the president smoothed things over by not olding the meeting in the oval office, which makes
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it more important to have it there, and by inviting michelle obama's momma, johnny drama and wilber value der ram ma in pajamas. so, there's no way that the chinese can be angry at that. some very good news for us here at the show today. we have a new costume character on hollywood boulevard. it's filled with schumer heroes and cartoon people come to life. it's wonderful. it really is. sponge bob is out there, captain america, the hulk. they stand on the street, poise for pictures and ask for money. and you give it to them because they smell and you want them to get away. only in hollywood do our homeless people dress up like tigger. you want to be popular, like superman, but not so popular that other supermen show up and compete with you. i think there are about a dozen spider-men out there. every once in awhile, someone puts a new twist on an old favorite.
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i give you fat darth vader. it's -- it's darth vader, only fat. it's an overweight darth vader. i look forward to getting to know him. this is one of the best things i've seen in awhile. this is a youtube video of a 3-year-old girl, named cody. she's madly in love with a teenage bob star named justin bieber. he's a singer, little girls go crazy for him. but rarely do you see this kind of emotion from a 3-year-old. in fact, this may be the most emotional 3-year-old we've ever brought you. >> cody, why are you so sad, honey? >> because. >> because why. >> because i love justin bieber. >> i can't hear you. >> because i love justin bieber. >> you're crying because you love justin bieber. >> yes, i ran in my room. >> because you love him? >> yeah. >> does that make you sad?
12:21 am
>> yes. >> why does it -- >> i don't get to see him all day. >> because you don't get to see him all day? >> yeah. >> why do you love justin bieber? >> because i know he loves me back. >> because you know he loves you back? >> yeah. >> honey? >> what mommy? >> we don't have to cry because we love justin bieber. >> yeah, we do. >> jimmy: he's right. sometimes we do have to cry because we love justin bieber. that's -- by the way, you should watch the whole thing because it's great. here is a little bit more, more tears for justin bieber. >> okay. i'm going to turn the video camera off now. >> no. >> you don't want me to? >> no. >> you want me to keep recording you? >> yes. >> all you're doing is crying about justin bieber. >> no, i -- i don't -- i -- i
12:22 am
bet that's justin bieber. [ applause ] >> jimmy: isn't that cute? i have to say, it's kind of embarrassing but it actually reminds me a little bit of myself when i was 3 years old. >> jimmy, why are you so sad, honey? >> because i love -- >> can't hear you. >> because i love andy gib. >> you're crying because you love andy gibb? >> yeah. i don't get to see andy gibb all day. >> why do you love andy gibb? >> because i know he loves me back. >> okay, i'm going to turn the video camera off. >> i don't want you to. >> but all you're doing is crying about andy gibb. >> no i don't want to. i don't want to.
12:23 am
>> i bet that's andy gibb. >> oh, honey that's not andy gibb. andy gibb died. >> he died. he's dead. >> jimmy: i was an extremely emotional child. [ applause ] yeah, we're the only family with a camera, full camera crew back then. back to justin bieber for a second, because i have been affected with bieber fever. just tin had the honor of being the first singer in the new "we are the world video." ♪ there comes a time when we heed a certain call ♪ >> jimmy: that's justin. he was one of a lot of new singers that lent their voices to haitian relief. maybe i'm just old but i like the original better. i like the original "we are the world." [ applause ] unfortunately -- they didn't, for some reason, none of the singers from the original were invited to participate. lionel richie, who wrote the
12:24 am
song, just watched. that's a shame. one of the guys from the original songs just put out his own charity single which i think is a great idea and the song is really good. take a look. ♪ ♪ there comes a time ♪ when you heed a certain call ♪ when i come together as one ♪ there are people singing ♪ they all forgot to call ♪ oh why didn't anyone call me ♪ i am the world ♪ i am the children ♪ i am the one that they forget to call ♪
12:25 am
♪ but i'm still singing ♪ i spent a lot of money ♪ to rent this studio ♪ try to make a better day ♪ just me and me [ applause ] >> jimmy: that's what it's all about. tonight, danica patrick is here. we have music from robin thicke. and we'll be right back with freddie prinze jr., so stick around. old navy super search! kelly: who will become the next supermodelquin? this week all jeans are 19 bucks. heather: but whose bum will make them look like a million? kelly: vanessa... kelly: (over footage) here, you rocked the new skinny jeans ook.,
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it's tough out here. the days are long. the nights get lonely. but we have a job to do. we have a commitment to our country to our families our children and to each other. the uso is a bond that we share to help us stay close here at home and far away. [male announcer] to find out how you can help visit us at " uso dot org the uso until every one comes home. >> jimmy: hi there. welcome back to our continuing coverage of the winter games. with us tonight, the only female driver ever to win an indy car race -- this saturday, she makes her west coast nascar debut at the stater brothers 300 -- danica patrick is here.
12:30 am
later on -- i'm jealous. one of very few white people to win a soul train award. this is his latest, "sex therapy: the experience." robin thicke from the bud light golden wheat outdoor stage. tomorrow night, shia labeouf will be here, lauren conrad and wale. so join us. you know our first guest from multiple "scoobys doo" and various "i know what you did last summers." now, you can see him team up with kiefer sutherland to save the world on the eighth season of "24." watch it monday nights at 9:00 on fox. please say hello to freddie prinze jr. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: congratulations on -- you got on "24." >> i got on "24." >> jimmy: that's all right. [ applause ] you're a big fan of the show
12:31 am
before hand? >> i screamed for it like y'all did. it's a big deal, man. >> jimmy: how does that work? you're at home, you say, i would really like to be on the show. >> i sat there season one with my wife, i go, man, i wish i could be the guy that's there with him and there's no shot because of "scooby doo" and so years later, the audition just randomly came my way and i went and i did it and i booked it and my first day i got to fly on a helicopter and my second day, they blew it to hell. >> jimmy: really? you never know what's going to happen on that. do you know, is there an agreement they have, like, hey, we're going to give you the whole season, because you never know when you might get a bullet. >> it's weird. you kind of like -- you just have to stay on real good behavior or you die. >> jimmy: you can get gassed. >> i always show up to work with a smile on my face. >> jimmy: that's the way to go. >> know all my dialogue. freddie, we need to change everything?
12:32 am
that sounds great. >> jimmy: every show should have that. you have that on "24" and "lost" has that, too. they randomly kill people if they have too many drinks. >> and if they're latino. we die a lot on tv. >> jimmy: the hurley family is okay. oh, michelle rodriguez. >> that's what i was referring to. and they might come after me next. i have to stay on alert. >> jimmy: that's right. be especially careful. you be careful, too, guillermo that applies to you. >> hey. >> jimmy: i saw you had a wrestling event. >> yes. >> jimmy: and i know you love wrestling. >> ma >> i do. >> jimmy: makes me wonder, what goes through your wife's head when your husband is off to the wrestling again? because you go -- you worked for -- >> i took a job with them for awhile, went on the road and worked with the guys. i really love it. >> jimmy: and you were writing stuff for them.
12:33 am
and then, but -- really, does she support that? >> you know, i have a very unique wife in the fact that no matter how crazy she thinks i am she still loves me and if i say, hey, i think i'm going to go and -- go on the road with the big show and the undertaker, is that cool. she's like, why wouldn't you? yeah, she -- she's glad to get rid of me. it gets me out. >> jimmy: as a kid -- that's got to be another thing. you loved wrestling. who was your favorite? >> andre the giant, man. [ applause ] >> jimmy: andre the giant is, i mean, he's one of the greats but i never imagined that anyone would -- he would be anyone's favorite. >> i always liked the bad guys. if you liked hogan, i liked andre. if you liked ricky steamboat, i liked ric flair. >> jimmy: andre was a bad guy, but he was more part of just the landscape, like, he was more like a hill. >> he had such -- he was so magical that, like, this guy, you have to understand. go on youtube. this guy's matches in japan,
12:34 am
like, 30-minute matches where little japanese dudes are getting beat down for the first 20 and then they finally get the knee and all of a sudden andre's down on a knee and the psychology of it is great. if you are up late at night, you got nothing to do, watch some wrestling. >> jimmy: did you ever get to meet andre? >> no, no, i wish. >> jimmy: i heard some great stories about andre. >> probably none you can tell. >> jimmy: some disgusting stories. you're right. >> i heard a few. >> jimmy: there you go. yeah. andre liked to leave his mark. let's just say that. >> yeah. yeah. it was a large mark. >> jimmy: yes, he did leave his mark both on wrestling and a variety of motels across the united states. now -- it's probably not as bad as it sounded when i described it like that. >> it could have been. >> jimmy: back to this "24." you do the martial arts -- >> my god father worked with bruce lee. bob wall. he was a guy with a scar down his eye. bruce lee says, "you lose, carl
12:35 am
miller," that's my god father. >> jimmy: really? you got into it as a result of that. you have ever had to, a situation where you had to -- >> in new mexico you use it a lot growing up. just -- >> jimmy: you used it when you were a little kid. >> just to get home from school. it wasn't -- it was no joke back then. you saw our soccer player, the girl that threw that other girl on the ground. that's the girls. >> jimmy: oh, yeah? >> you don't know mma, you will be done. >> new mexico is a tough place, isn't it? and you're playing a new yorker on the show. >> yeah. port ree can new yorker, kind of a tough guy, kind of, he's -- very similar to jack in season one, he was a marine who sort of replaced -- marine corps, there you go. he, like a lot -- >> jimmy: he's not a real marine, though. i know you are, but he isn't. >> don't blow my spot like that. >> jimmy: scooby doo is not a
12:36 am
real dog, either. you don't want to confuse people. >> sorry, man. >> jimmy: you are playing this guy who is from new york, you have to learn the new york accent. >> yeah, you have to be more new york, yeah. >> jimmy: what did you do? >> i live in new york so half my neighbors sound like him. my doorman, my super, my garbage man. pretty much all of them are one big -- >> jimmy: it's funny how that works. people, guys from new york are tough. guys from new mexico aren't necessarily. >> why? why would you say that? we got johnny tapia, lightweight champion of the world. he's a bad man. >> jimmy: i'm not saying guys from new mexico are not tough. i don't need to be beaten by people from albuquerque. it's a weird thing. you think of, well, the tough new york guy, but you don't have that with the new -- >> i'll put it to you like this. three years ago, maybe one year ago, this guy from new mexico would have never got an audition for "24."
12:37 am
so, as time went on and people started to forget about that, like, things like that, me being nice, the only way i would be on a hall cometer in one of my old jobs if a girl i was in love with would get flown away on it. so things get to be a little different now. >> jimmy: let me tell you something. you know what that means? >> what does that mean? >> jimmy: you're growing up before our eyes. you're growing up. you really are. congratulations. great to see you. freddie prinze jr., everybody. watch "24" mondays at 9:00 on fox. we'll be right back with danica patrick. (announcer) powering that fan is one little battery... and if you think all batteries are the same... consider this: at iowa lakes community college, the students learn tkeep america's wind turbines going and to keep them safe, the only battery they trust in their high voltage meters are duracell rechargeables. so wheth you're responsible for tomorrow...
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>> jim >> jimmy: we're back. still to come, robin thicke will be with us. in moments. on saturday, a record 4 million viewers tuned in to see our next guest make the leap from indy to nascar racing at daytona international speedway. unfortunately, she was unable to leap over the cars that crashed in front of her. this weekend, she's back on the track in fontana, at the
12:42 am
stater brothers 300. watch it saturday at 5:00 eastern on espn2. please welcome danica patrick. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: first of all, you look lovely. >> thank you. i wore a longer dress for you this time. >> jimmy: you look great. and i love -- you know what, i love the idea that there are other drivers tuning in right now and they see this pretty little woman in a pink dress and you are going to beat some of them on saturday. that's got to be -- that's got to be great. >> i hope i beat some of them. that's my job. >> jimmy: well, ideally, you beat all of them. >> and you don't crash into any of them. >> jimmy: you just are getting a feel for -- how is it going so far? >> it's going well. race number three this weekend. it's been a lot of fun. it's really fun to bump. >> jimmy: you said you were looking forward to bumping
12:43 am
into -- >> yeah. i remember making kind of a point about getting excited about that, and it's true. it is really fun. >> jimmy: it is fun. how about getting bumped at 180 miles an hour. is that fun? >> i remember getting hit and going -- oh that was a little bit big but i guess this is the deal. >> jimmy: was that the first time you had been bumped? >> yeah, pretty much. >> jimmy: we have video here, and it is very interesting the way they shoot this because they have a camera in the car this is inside your car on the left. and we're looking at, tell us what's going on here. >> well, you know, a car gets loose out of four, obviously an accident happens. and you can't see anything when you are inside the cockpit and people get sideways, and, you know, you just -- it's like pure smoke wall. so unfortunately there's really not a lot you can do other than be a passenger -- >> jimmy: that's what you don't realize when you watch from the outside. she better move, get away right now. >> yeah, doesn't it.
12:44 am
have you watched races before -- [ applause ] all right, good. you watch it and, like, why do they keep driving into each other. because you can't see. now you can see. you can't see. >> jimmy: have you thought about putting a big fan on the front of the car to blow away the smoke? >> you know -- i don't think it would be very effective for the aerodynamics. >> jimmy: i disagree. >> well, maybe we should hire you. >> jimmy: i'd be happy to give you ideas. i have a lot of different ideas. i know that when you're on the microphone, talking to your team, that it's not -- it's broadcast, and people can hear what you're saying. you like that? >> well -- i was a little bit surprised. back in december we were doing a test and i was driving in the series called arca and kind of getting me ready for the nationwide series and they were just live streaming my in-car, you know, the transmitting what we said inside of the car for everyone to hear on the internet. on the arca website.
12:45 am
>> jimmy: did you not realize it? >> i think i swore, probably. and i was probably not saying the appropriate -- i don't know. i mean -- i'm talking to my guys, i'm working. >> jimmy: yourse're cursing and doing what people do. >> then we had a little bit of fun with it and since i knew people were listening. i was like, you know what we should do, i decided to plug something. we should get sponsored by krispy kreme. we can put a little fresh sign in the passenger window because it would be warm inside of the car so i thought it would be perfect and what happens when he come back to the race in january? yeah, we get five boxes of krispy kremes every morning. they're all -- >> jimmy: you'll be 300 pounds by the end of the season. >> they -- i had mountain dew for the first time, i haven't had that in forever. >> jimmy: you'll get very, very, very fat and you can set another record. you can become the fattest -- >> this dress is tight enough. >> jimmy: when you were a kid, obviously auto racing is not something that everybody gets to
12:46 am
do. did you play other sports? did you -- >> i played all kinds of stuff when i was a kid. i did tee ball, i did basketball, track, choir, band, cheerleading. >> jimmy: cheerleading. what, like a football cheerleader? >> well, we cheered for basketball and football. and, yeah -- >> jimmy: what was the school name? >> the first one, we were the prairie hill devils. who names a mos cot a devil, right? i'm sure somebody at home -- >> jimmy: i went to arizona state, but yeah -- >> then we were the indians. >> jimmy: which might be more offenses. honnaniga? >> i learned how to spell it by a cheer. >> jimmy: really? give me and h. do a little bit of it, will you? [ applause ] get the spirit. >> there's -- okay. hononejh.
12:47 am
i'm not doing it flat out because i'm going to look stupid. >> no, no, you should do it. you need pom poms or something like that? >> and a much shorter skirt. >> jimmy: we'll throw you up in the air. >> you stand up and put your hands by your side and the skirt had to be that length. we hated it, but -- >> jimmy: i hope you gave it more enthusiasm when you were cheering the indians on. >> i'm sure i did. >> jimmy: how many cars were involved in that collision that you -- >> i think 12 on that one, yeah. >> jimmy: 12 cars. and what happens, like, after -- does everyone get out and exchange insurance information? is there any -- is it your responsibility for the car even if it's somebody else's fault? >> oh, no, i'm just the driver. i never take responsibility. >> jimmy: that's the way to go. like, always paying the $8 r rental fee, you can do whatever you want to the car. >> is that what you do? >> jimmy: of course. >> when we race go carts, we
12:48 am
used to call them rent a wrecks, and we would drive back to the highway from the go cart track and just be at, maxed out at 106 or whatever it would do and just be bumping each other down -- drive over curb. >> jimmy: when i was a kid, i would have killed my parents and grandparents for a go cart. >> would you have? >> jimmy: i would have sacrificed their lives to own a go cart. i really would have. >> you know -- before i was able to take it to the road course in the go cart i took it to the grass in my lawn mower. did you do that? mine had five gears. >> jimmy: no, we had a little lawn mower. >> a push one. >> jimmy: and it was vegas and hot and miserable. >> you didn't have much grass then, either. >> jimmy: no, we had very little grass. we have it now, though. there's plenty of grass in southern california. >> do you still have a push mower here? >> jimmy: no, i have an illegal alien. that's how i do it now.
12:49 am
[ applause ] it's -- it's great to see you. and i wish you the best of luck. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i would love to see you win sometime soon. >> i would love to win one of these things. >> jimmy: danica patrick at fontana this weekend, saturday at 5:00 eastern on espn2. we'll be right back with robin thicke. ♪ five, five dollar
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>> j >> jimmy: all right, it's music time. very talented performer. this is his new cd called "sex therapy, the experience." here with the song "sex therapy," robin thicke. ♪ just let me love you ♪ lay right here ♪ give you sex therapy ♪ give you sex therapy ♪ whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh whoa oh yeah yeah whoa oh whoa oh ♪ ♪ whoa oh whoa oh stressed out uptight overworked ♪ ♪ wound up unleash what you got let's explore
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>> jimmy: hey, we're back. i want to thank freddie prinze jr., danica patrick. apologize to matt damon. "sex therapy, the experience" is the latest cd. playing us off the air with the song "two luv buildirds," playi once again, robin th


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